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Thursday April 17, 2018
21:58:54 PST Army Figures Out How To Do Facial Recognition in Dark... Suggest Content Suggest Content

00:58:54 PST Amy Schumer 'I FEEL PRETTY' Headed for UGLY Boxoffice...(Calling all alt-right trolls to pan this movie)
Drudge posted this article to get out the alt-right trolls to sabatage the movie performance. Drudge Report is so big, he is able to make the news happen; first he reports on what he wants to happen, then the alt-right trolls do it. Over the years, the comedian has become a target of misogynistic attackers who can’t stand her particular brand of raunchy humor and unwavering feminism—and are determined to rip apart every creative thing she does Looks like a fun movie to me, and from the votes I see the alt-right army has been firing their dislike cannons.
Thursday April 2, 2018
16:28:09 PST Students earn credit for attending White Privilege Conference... (But it still does not make up for hundreds of years of slavery) It would be great if a conservative student could attend this class, write about their expectations before attending, and what they learned after attending. I can tell from the ignorant comments on this article that these drudgeheads need to learn a few basic things, for example, most people getting EBT "foodstamps" are white, not black. "Conservative media outlets have built a cottage industry of outrage on the premise that conservative students are victims of a “tyrannical” campus left. I know this message well, because over a decade ago, as a conservative student at Bucknell, I helped devise and spread it." Excerpt from: Advice for My Conservative Students
15:50:09 PST SPRING SWING: TRUMP 50% APPROVAL! (among people who voted for him) 50% approval amoung conservatives. Alternative facts from Republicans. Regarding Rasmussen Reports, from Wikipedia: Time magazine has described Rasmussen Reports as a "conservative-leaning polling group." The Washington Post called Rasmussen a "polarizing pollster." John Zogby said that Scott Rasmussen has a "conservative constituency. Average approval is 40%
13:19:06 PST UPDATE: 'ROSEANNE' Ratings Climb, Hit 25 Million...(Wow! Hillary Beat Trump by 3 million popular votes) Drudge encourages the right to watch Conservative shows, then he reports on them for watching the shows. They probably have a network of Nielsen conservatives to skew the ratings system, Republicans are all about gaming the system to benefit themselves and vilify others. Stephen Colbert, Seeking ‘Roseanne’s Trump Bump, Calls CNN “Fake News”
February 08, 2018
23:51:24 PST 'We all could have done better'... The White House walked back its defense of Rob Porter on Thursday in light of new allegations of abuse against the former White House staff secretary. Reporters grilled White House spokesman Raj Shah about the Trump administration's handling of the allegations, which they reportedly knew about for weeks. Porter resigned Wednesday amid the controversy. “HE WAS F---ING PISSED”: WITH ROB PORTER GONE, THE HEAT ON JOHN KELLY IS INCREASING
JIMMY GAROPPOLO INKS RECORD $137.5 MILLION DEAL... (and will not kneal no matter who's rights are violated) The San Francisco 49ers announced that they signed Jimmy Garoppolo to a five-year contract extension. The deal is worth $137.5 million. The deal is the largest in NFL history on an average-per-year basis. COULD A VACCINE PROTECT FOOTBALL PLAYERS FROM CONCUSSIONS?

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